Motivation and leadership books, workbooks, and CDs that will help you manage your career, build your business, create true wealth, and achieve your personal and professional goals. is also the home of CourageWear – Apparel with Altitude!

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Motivate Yourself for Success with these Books, Workbooks, and CDs. Values-Based Life and Leadership Strategies that Really Work.

Proven strategies for goal-setting, personal motivation, leadership development, and life success. You will learn how to:

  • Dream bigger and think more creatively.
  • Confront your fears with courage and determination.
  • Stop procrastinating and use your time more productively.
  • Overcome inner barriers holding you back from being your best.
  • Be more effective as a leader – and as a parent.
  • Achieve your most authentic goals.
  • Become the person you are truly meant to be. is your best source for books, CDs, and other resources for personal motivation, leadership development, and success coaching and training. Values-based life and leadership strategies:

Motivation: Be your own Success Coach by applying the strategies in these books and CDs to your work and your life.

Leadership: Learn how you can be a more effective leader at work, at home, and in your community.

Goal-Setting: Stop cheating yourself with anemic goals and dreams!

Team-Building: Learn from the greatest leaders in history and fiction how to motivate your team for achievement.

Wealth and Money: Achieve your financial goals by living your values.

Spiritual and Emotional Strength: The ultimate benefit of values-based living is the emotional equanimity and spiritual peace that you gain.


Representative Testimonials from Spark Plug Readers

These are among the literally hundreds of unsolicited testimonial comments we receive from Spark Plug readers all over the world, virtually on a daily basis.

“I so enjoy your e-mails. They are inspiring and a good reminder of things we may be aware of but forget when busy and find ourselves in the push to accomplish more in fewer hours. Your views and scope on issues are so valuable.”

“Thank you for taking the time to write and distribute these newsletters Joe. They have made me a better person through reflecting and acting (trying to) on my behaviour in a more positive manner.”

“Excellent module to start off the New Year… I really liked the portion on gratitude building faith… I will be using this module in 2 weeks for a Monday night program.”

“Bless you Joe Tye and thank you for enriching my world.”

“I love your stuff… never stop.”

“I wanted to take a moment to email and say THANKS so much for sending us Spark Plug... I truly enjoy reading it!!! The one we just rec'd about Faith is Awesome”

“What a great Spark! I am currently teaching a beginning interpersonal communication class in a nursing program here in British Columbia. What would your thoughts be on letting me incorporate this Weekend Spark (with proper acknowledgement of course) in my class on perception? Thanks for your time and continued inspiration!”

“I sure appreciate your commitment to making lives better through your values-based work. It is making a difference. I have framed the pledge and now have it on my office wall, so I can't help but see it daily (on the week days anyhow-sometimes the weekends). I have copies all over the house now, too.”

“Thank you, Joe for all you give to me, my family, and all those who are blessed by your inspirations!”

“I appreciate and use all your ‘Sparks.’ I especially enjoyed your recent ‘secrets of success.’ Thank you for all you contribute.”

“I look forward to Spark Plug every week. Thanks for such a inspirational message and service.”

“I appreciate all your support through what you write and pass along in the recordings. Your insight and experience are always timely, practical and always challenging me to be authentic in all areas of my life.” – Jim Graves

“Your Spark Plugs are so helpful! I'm forwarding them to the Leadership Staff of the Hospital. Could you send me the Spark Plug on Focus and the Janitor in the Attic exercise?”

“Once again you have cast your magic with this piece. The message is this: Get lost so you can find yourself. When are you going to do your next workshop/3 day retreat? I want to be in it. Where can I get your book? Once again, thank you for lighting the fire in a lot of us.” -- Dan Balan

“I am an avid reader of the Spark Plug modules. They are so well written and quite helpful.”

“Man alive what a GREAT WEEKEND SPARK! All of them are great, but this one is exceptional.”

“Loved the message this morning!!! Keep up the good and inspiring work!!”

“Just getting a chance to read this today. The lesson is sooo right on for me. If only I had read it yesterday and gained motivation to attend my weekly yoga class:-( Well, I'll file it and do better at the next opportunity. When I have some clarity about what lies behind my actions, I have the necessary tool to make wiser decisions. Thanks for being my Values Coach.”

“I have subscribed to a few dozen e-newsletters. SPARK PLUG is definitely the best. I think so many people would benefit from reading it.”

“I truly enjoy reading your newsletters and have passed them on to others.”

“I changed jobs. I really enjoyed your inspirational messages and look forward to be back on your email list.”

“I have to tell you, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the Spark Plug dated June 2 about the Life and Leadership skills... You share such GREAT words... Thank you for sharing these with me, I have enjoyed them GREATLY!!”

“I really enjoy this information and use much in my business. Thanks for the information.”

“Your columns are dynamite; I enjoy and empower myself every time I read your thoughts… The cumulative effect of your columns sink in, when you read them again and again. Thank you so much for your spirit to empower all of us.”

“After reading Today’s Book Spark I just need to say ‘Thank you!’ It seems like there is always something in your e-mails that hits home. I stop and think, and then must read it again so it can sink in!”

“The insight and motivation that I always get from Spark Plug is definitely helping me in my work life and in my personal life. I thank you for that.”


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