Motivation and leadership books, workbooks, and CDs that will help you manage your career, build your business, create true wealth, and achieve your personal and professional goals. is also the home of CourageWear – Apparel with Altitude!

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Motivate Yourself for Success with these Books, Workbooks, and CDs. Values-Based Life and Leadership Strategies that Really Work.

Proven strategies for goal-setting, personal motivation, leadership development, and life success. You will learn how to:

  • Dream bigger and think more creatively.
  • Confront your fears with courage and determination.
  • Stop procrastinating and use your time more productively.
  • Overcome inner barriers holding you back from being your best.
  • Be more effective as a leader – and as a parent.
  • Achieve your most authentic goals.
  • Become the person you are truly meant to be. is your best source for books, CDs, and other resources for personal motivation, leadership development, and success coaching and training. Values-based life and leadership strategies:

Motivation: Be your own Success Coach by applying the strategies in these books and CDs to your work and your life.

Leadership: Learn how you can be a more effective leader at work, at home, and in your community.

Goal-Setting: Stop cheating yourself with anemic goals and dreams!

Team-Building: Learn from the greatest leaders in history and fiction how to motivate your team for achievement.

Wealth and Money: Achieve your financial goals by living your values.

Spiritual and Emotional Strength: The ultimate benefit of values-based living is the emotional equanimity and spiritual peace that you gain.


Representative Testimonials from Current Spark Plug PLUS Members

These are typical comments from Spark Plug PLUS Members who have renewed their membership. You, too, will be saying something like this if you join Spark Plug PLUS (and that’s a guarantee).

“Of course I'm renewing my Spark Plug PLUS membership...  Your insights, articles and general info are invaluable to anyone who breathes. Your energy must come from a divine source… You have given me faith, focus, and the determination to live my life my way.  Thanks.” - Phil Parker, Atlanta, Georgia

“One of the major reasons I am renewing my membership is that SP Plus is so accessible.  The CD's send with the coaching letters, and the CD packages available to members have made it much easier for me to access information about the core values, leadership, true wealth, and other SP Plus concepts.  My life has truly changed over the last year, and I want to continue with the change.” - Sandi Ryan, Des Moines, Iowa

“There are a number of reasons that I am renewing my Spark Plug PLUS membership. The quality of the newsletters and teleconferences is unparalleled. The personal commitment of Joe Tye to all of his Spark Plugs is evident… By using The Twelve Core Action Values I have made unprecedented gains in my personal and professional lives.” - Ranah Anani, Phoenix, Arizona

“My membership in Spark Plug Plus has allowed (and sometimes forced) me to take the time to examine the direction I'm headed and how I'm getting there.  It is an investment that continues to pay quantifiable dividends in my life, both personally and professionally… Thanks for the opportunity.” - Eric Hansen, Edina, Minnesota

“THANK YOU for the Awesome ideas I pick up from Spark Plug PLUS!  The Return on Investment pales in comparison to the small membership dues.  I'm an SP+ Lifer.  I absolutely love the Dream a Big Dream workbook. God Bless you, and your gift” - Paul Schwend, Jacksonville, Florida

“I've been a student of the 7 Habits since 1989, and have been trained in facilitating this course. I’ve found that the resources of Spark Plug PLUS and The Twelve Core Action Values really is like a graduate curriculum for the 7 Habits.” - Freddi Steele, Flagstaff, Arizona

“I thought a bit about renewing my membership in Spark Plug Plus as I am not really a joiner and only sporadically listen in to the conference calls.  There are however, so many positive, healthy messages delivered that I really can't meet my personal goals without my membership.” - Cindy Vorhees, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

“You asked me why I chose to renew my Spark Plug Plus membership. How could I not? Your clear communications and use of metaphors have allowed me to have so many ‘sparks,’ I shouldn’t need any fossil fuels for my vehicle for years… The action steps you share in your teleconferences are so simple, practical, and doable… Thank you so much for pointing all these things out!” - Sue Keller, Vinton, Iowa

“When I heard it was time to renew [my Spark Plug PLUS membership], I reflected for a moment on what my membership has meant for me this past year, and where I would have been without it. Upon pondering that, I realized how much I’ve learned and how much your work has helped me stay connected to higher values. The bottom line is that I like me better when I live a values-based life. Thank you, and keep the great work coming!” - Joe Bulger DDS, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I renewed because I've found all of the materials very helpful and consistently thought provoking.  The Direction Deflection Question and the Self-Empowerment Pledge have helped me focus direction on several initiatives I've been thinking about being involved in but did not have a clear plan for.  I working towards making some changes both personally and professionally because of that focus.” - Susan Brittain, Wake Forest, North Carolina

“I have made some positive life changes this year, and I credit you with helping me find that courage, but even more is that I have a friend/coach/mentor to remind me that I am a capable and valuable human being.” - Nancy Benner, Denver, Colorado

“There were many factors involved in renewing my membership.  First and foremost, I received far more than what I paid for.  Your material causes me to think in a much more positive way.  The Direction Deflection Question (DDQ has been the single most effective tool I have ever used for achieving my objectives.  I would highly recommend Spark Plug PLUS for everyone.” -Jim “Gymbeaux” Brown, Slidell, Louisiana

“My main reason for renewing my membership is the energy and care you convey in your messages.  They serve as a reminder for me to keep my dreams and make them a reality.  Your willingness to help has kept me writing my book, because I know you're there to encourage me and at the appropriate time give feedback on what I've done.” - Rich Chapas, Oregon

“Being in a leadership position in which I need to motivate 40 people to do their best, I depend on Spark Plug and Spark Plug PLUS to keep me motivated and focused. Once I started forwarding Spark Plug to the Nurse Manager group in my organization, they not only would send me thank you replies, but would remind me if I would forget to send them. We all need this ‘emotional adrenalin’ infusion on a routine basis in today's stressful work environment.” - Larry Anderson, Prescott, Arizona

“Spark Plug PLUS provides me with a consistent program of self-awareness and self-improvement. The resources I’m receiving are a virtual toolbox of life-changing motivational and educational principles. The CDs reinforce the reading, then the teleconferences tie everything together. Coming at it from multiple levels gives me continuous reinforcement for the achievement of my own goals.” - Kim Schultz, Scottsdale, Arizona

“Spark Plug PLUS has been a terrific tool and resource. It has helped me to grow my business and to enlarge my sense of personal fulfillment and appreciation. Joe’s body of work and knowledge provides consistent invaluable steps to creating the life and the business of one’s dreams. It is an investment that should not be missed, and one that I recommend wholeheartedly to my clients and friends.” - Irene Segal, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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